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30 November 2016, Inaugural lecture

Autonomy and the Future of Urban Mobility

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30 May 2017, Other


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Super stair-climbers

They have big ambitions: nine students from ETH Zurich and ZHdK are preparing to take on developers from renowned manufacturers and universities from around the world with their "Scewo" wheelchair at the Cybathlon. Read more 


Lattice structure absorbs vibrations

Researchers at ETH Zurich have developed a lattice structure capable of absorbing a wide range of vibrations while also being useful as a load-bearing component – for example, in propellers, rotors and rockets. It can absorb vibrations in the audible range, which are the most undesirable in engineering applications. Read more 

News and in the Media


Cover page of the Journal of Materials Chemistry B

Prof. Sotiris Pratsinis team made the cover page of the Journals of Materials Chemistry B, Volume 4, Issue 32, 28 August 2016. Read more


Cover page of the "ACS Nano" Journal

Prof. Dimos Poulikakos' team made the cover page of the "ACS Nano" Journal, Volume 10, Issue 7, 26 July 2016. Read more


2016 ASME Solar Energy Graduate Student Award

Simon Ackermann, from Prof. Steinfeld's group, is the recipient of the 2016 ASME Solar Energy Graduate Student Award  for his Doctoral Thesis: “Redox Kinetics and Transport Phenomena of Reticulated Porous Ceria”. He was presented with the award plaque, along with a $1000 check, at the banquet of the ASME Power & Energy Conference, June 28, in Charlotte, USA. Read more


Poster Award

Patrick Rohner from Prof. Dimos Poulikakos‘ group, Lisa Poulikakos from Prof. David Norris’ group and Luca Hirt from D-ITET were nominated for the MaP Poster Award. The award was won by Luca Hirt and presented at the MaP Graduate Symposium 2016 at ETH Zurich on 9 June 2016. Read more


Image Contest

Pedro Castro Fernandez form Prof. Christoph Müller’s group, Patrick Reissner from Prof. Andreas Stemmer’s group and Steven Wang from D-HEST were nominated for the MaP Image Contest. The award was won by Pedro Castro Fernandez and presented at the MaP Graduate Symposium 2016 at ETH Zurich on 9 June 2016. Read more


Cover page of the "Energy Technology" Journal

Prof. Aldo Steinfeld's team made the cover page of the "Energy Technology" Journal, Volume 4, Issue 5, May 2016. Read more


AMBIZIONE Energy Grant

Dr. Ronny Michalsky, postdoctoral researcher in Prof. Aldo Steinfeld’s group, has been awarded an AMBIZIONE Energy Grant by the SNSF to investigate solar membrane reactors for splitting H2O and CO2. Read more


Poster Prize at PARTEC 2016

Georgios Kelesidis, doctoral student in Prof. Sotiris E. Pratsinis' group, received a Poster Prize at PARTEC 2016, the International Congress on Particle Technology, 19 - 21 April 2016, Nuremberg, Germany. Read more

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