The Master program in Process Engineering integrates in-depth knowledge of core areas of process engineering.

Talks and events D-MAVT

8 July 2015, Colloquium

Microfluidics of Left-Right Symmetry Breaking in Mammal Embryos

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14 September 2015, Students' event

Tag der Neueintretenden Master im D-MAVT

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14 September 2015, Students' event

Tag der Neueintretenden Bachelor in Maschineningenieurwissenschaften

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31 May 2016, Other


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Engineering Week at the ETH Zurich

Injection simulator

During the Engineering Week pupils from “Kantonsschule am Burggraben St. Gallen” designed, programmed and evaluated an injection simulator for spinal anesthesia. The spinal anesthesia is a challenge in the practical work and hard to practice for medical students. In order to provide better practice facilities, the pupils developed a new solution, which simulates the insertion of the needle for spinal anesthesia on a model. Read more


Best Poster and Image Award at the MaP Graduate Symposium 2015

Double-Emulsion von Ivo Leibacher

Ivo Leibacher, Doctoral student in Prof. Jürg Dual’s group, won the first prize for the "Poster" and the second prize for the "Best Image Award" at the Materials and Processes Graduate Symposium 2015. Read more


IEEE Technical Field Award in Robotics and Automation 2016

Prof. Raffaello D'Andrea

Prof. Raffaello D'Andrea is the recipient of the IEEE Technical Field Award in Robotics and Automation 2016, which is the most prestigious award presented by the IEEE in the field of robotics and automation. Read more


3D for all

3D printing at ETH Zurich. (Photo: PDZ Product Development Group Zurich)

The use of 3D printing continues to rise among students and researchers. ETH Zurich has set up a special web platform so people will be able to find the right printer faster in future. At the same time, the ETH Additive Manufacturing Community has also been created, forming a place where researchers can exchange ideas on the various applications of 3D printing. Read more 

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